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Rewrite the Night Grants 2021

We have developed a grant which is designed to support small local businesses, boost the economy and stimulate a vibrant nightlife.

Businesses in the Georges River area can apply for a 'Rewrite the Night' grant to activate their business at night through live music, arts, performing and lighting.

These grants will encourage businesses to set up creative lighting or stage live performances to creatively launch their business after hours, attracting customers and building a lively and buzzing Georges River area at night.

This initiative was borne out of the Georges River Night Time Economy Study which seeks to make it easier for daytime businesses to trade later at night with a different offering.  This could be a florist by day leasing its site for an art exhibition at night or a coffee shop by day operating as a small bar by night.

Applications are open until midnight on Sunday 6 June. To apply online complete the Rewrite the Night grant application form.

Frequently asked questions

  • My project includes amplified music. What do I need to think about?

    There are regulations that dictate how much noise we can make, so smaller performers like singers, guitarists and duos are likely to be fine, whereas full amplified bands and DJs might exceed the decibel limit, and would need to be in specific locations or in venues with great sound proofing.

    If your grant application is successful, you will be required to notify your neighbours of your activation.  A template will be provided on approval of your project.

  • My project is going to need a permit with fees. Can I include this in the grant application?
    Yes, include this as a line item in your budget on the Smarty Grants application form.  Take a screenshot of your proposed application fees and upload it as an attachment.
  • I want to create an alfresco area as a trial. Do I have to pay fees?
    Yes, however you are able to include them in your application. Once approved, an outdoor dining permit lasts for 3 years. Contact Council on to discuss your application, or for more information on outdoor dining visit our outdoor dining webpage

  • I serve food during the day, but my project idea involves a night time food service. Can I apply?
    Check your Development Consent to find out if your project complies with the hours of operation conditions.
  • I want to transform my store into a ‘Paint and Wine’ venue at night. Can I get a liquor license?
    Liquor licenses are administered by Liquor and Gaming NSW and you are able to include fees in your application.

    Check your Development Consent conditions for hours of operation and to ensure that your project is permissible without any further consent from Council.
  • Why does Georges River want to increase night time activity?
    Successful global cities have a vibrant and diverse night time economy. Evidence shows more diverse options lead to a more connected and resilient community, help create a more inclusive nightlife, improve safety and reduce crime. A great night time economy can transform a waning town centre and avert the decline of high street retail.

    The Georges River Night Time Economy Study and associated action plan is designed to stimulate the night time economy by encouraging activity and usage of centres and facilities after hours. This was adopted by Council earlier this year and aligns with the Sydney 24 Hour Economy Strategy.


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