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Mental Fitness with Black Dog Institute (Community Led Event)

06/10/2021 - Online via ZOOM

Life can be challenging and confusing as a young person; balancing friendships and schoolwork, concerns about body image, keeping up with trends online and in-person, just to name a few pressure points. This is why good mental fitness is important. It’s about training the brain to deal with daily stresses without feeling overwhelmed, upset or worried.

This community presentation, developed by experts has been designed to help young people by giving them knowledge and practical tools proven to:

  • Build strength, flexibility and endurance to cope more effectively
  • Learn how to refocus the mindset
  • Recognise and feel good about the positives in life
  • Reduce stress and worry
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Improve memory, concentration and creative thinking
  • Develop life meaning and purpose statements

The presentation

This 30-minute presentation is delivered by community members who have experienced mental illness. The presenters speak from the heart, sharing their personal story as well as expert knowledge.


Wednesday 6 October 2021



Online via ZOOM - Link to the webinar will be provided upon registration, 


2.00pm (30 minute session)




Bookings can be made online via the Black Dog Institute Registration page.

For more details regarding this online presentation, please visit the Black Dog Institute Contact Us page.

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