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Managing anxiety in children and building resilience

26/10/2020 - Online event

Tune in with author and well-being educator Kerry Moss for three 20-minute webinar sessions for children aged 8–12 and their parents.

Kerry Moss is a local author, wellbeing educator and counsellor. Kerry has been with Hopefield Services since 2004, working with children and parents on managing anxiety and mental illness. Kerry is passionate about encouraging individuals to understand themselves and build strength. It is through these sessions that Kerry hopes to inspire new thinking, encourage in-class discussion and make lasting change for children.

Monday 26 October

Times: 10.00am 

Session Three: Retrain your Brain - Being a detective to check for facts that help you to change your thinking and get the job done.  Feeling fear but doing it anyway.  Enjoying success.


It is recommended by Counsellor Kerry Moss videos are watched a week apart to allow time to reflect on what you have learned.
You are only required to register for one session and will receive all three session links.

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