Seniors Festival

We support a community that values older people and the contributions they make. Older People in our communities play a key role in forming the strong social and economic character of the Council area. Council acknowledges and values’ ageing in Australia is a time of possibility, opportunity and influence.
Older people of the Georges River LGA are living longer, healthier lives. The challenges and opportunities this presents impact on us all – we all want our parents and ourselves to get the most out of life at every stage.

Our services are based on the principles of older people that encourages inclusion and participation of senior communities to ensure their needs are addressed through appropriate services.  

We offer a variety of community development programs and initiatives that improve access for seniors groups to Council's venues such as Georges River Council Seniors Programs. The programs provide venues for seniors groups to meet on a regularly basic, which supports social activities, active ageing, cultural groups and senior interest groups. These groups also provide council with a reference group to allow council a two way process for information sharing and data collecting.

The aim is to provide a wide range of information and social events for the older people in the LGA to access, such as the Georges River Council Seniors Festival, Carers Week, Dementia Week, Grandparents Festival and Forums.

Georges River Council Seniors Programs

The Reference Group has been formed to work closely with Council to improve residents’ access to services and to address community needs and inspirations.

  • To partner with Service Providers in the LGA to deliver identified workshops and forums at reasonable cost.
  • To advocate for seniors in our community as needed. 
  • To support the development of events and activities around the following weeks and festivals

For more information about our Seniors Programs please visit our Older People webpage.

Forthcoming Events for Seniors

St George Aged Care Expo

Thursday 22 August 2019
Marana Auditorium
416 McMahon Street, Hurstville

National Carers Week

13 - 19 October 2019

Georges River Council Carers Event

Wednesday 16 October 2019
9.45am - 11.30am

Georges River Council Grandparents Event

Thursday 24 October 2019
10.00am -  2.00pm
Hurstville Civic Theatre
McMahon Street, Hurstville


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