We are committed to the removal of graffiti from our community areas. Our specialist graffiti teams remove graffiti tags and maintain a register of tags, which provides a record of repeat offences. In the event that a graffitist is caught in the Georges River area, our graffiti register will be forwarded to the NSW Police for evidence.

We can also provide advice to residents and business owners on how to best tackle graffiti. This includes information on paint, graffiti removal methods and deterring graffitists.

Graffiting public or private property is a crime. If you witness a graffitist in action you should immediately report the incident to NSW Police.

Advice and Reporting

Response times for the removal of graffiti by Council vary depending upon the site and nature of the graffiti. 

To report graffiti in the Georges River Council region, contact us with the following details:

  • The address of the graffiti

  • The size and content of the graffiti

  • What type of surface it is painted on and what it is written with (for example, is it spray-painted on a cream coloured brick wall?)


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