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Girlhood is a celebration of all women. Two artists - Lily Hogan and Jamie Parmaxidis - come together to observe how women ahve played a critical role in their own personal upbringing, exploring the complex environment in which 'girls can be girls'. 

This takes form in youthful abstractions and photographic portraits representing a playful take on the representation of gender roles.

Exhibition opening: Saturday 9 March 2019, 2.00pm

All welcome, drinks & nibbles provided. RSVP online.

Image: Lily Hogan, Ovules, 2017.

Current exhibitions


Beyond the bowl explores and celebrates the diversity and aesthetics of contemporary ceramics and glass, showcasing the works of Julie Bartholomew, Alexandra Chambers, Cobi Cockburn, Matthew Curtis, Merran Esson, Honor Freeman, Anita Larkin, Eloise Rankine, Kirstie Rea and Emma Varga. These artists push the boundaries as to what can be achieved when working with glass or clay.

Image: Honor Freeman, Spill, 2017, slipcast porcelain. Photo by Craig Arnold


The photographs in Home sweet home were taken at a time when the Georges River area was developing and estates were being subdivided into smaller lots. Homes varied from large sprawling villas or mansions with extensive grounds and gardens, to smaller cottages and bungalows. Selected photographs from the Georges River Council Local Studies collection depict the architectural variety and diversity of people's lives during this time from the late 19th to early 20th centuries. 

Image: Norwood, Forest Road, Hurstville, c.1890 - 99. Georges River Council Local Studies collection.

Learn about the fun yet challenging art of Scottish country dancing from the members of the Mortdale Scottish Country Dance Club.

Image: Mortdale Scottish Country Dance Club performs at Hurstville Museum & Gallery, May 2018.

One small object can tell a big story...

This exhibition reveals the people and stories behind a special piece of jewellery, a souvenir, a gift or heirloom.

Featuring original stories from the Fiestaville Multicultural choir, Amulet is a collaborative project between photographer Janie Barret, choir conductor Christina Mimmocchi and writer PP Cranney; curated by multimedia producer Sofia Carvajal.

Image: Trish's amulet. Photograph by Janie Barrett.


Permanent exhibition

Housed in a Tudor style building, this MAGNA award winning exhibition explores the history of the St George area.

Learn who has shaped this region from the earliest people to present day communities and how life has changed over the years. Engage with stories through multimedia and interactive displays.


For more information on any of the exhibitions listed above, please contact Hurstville Museum & Gallery on (02) 9330 6444 or museumgallery@georgesriver.nsw.gov.au

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