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Current exhibitions

Stencil Art Prize

6 February 2021 - 2 May 2021
Main Gallery

Edgy, political, cheeky and pop-culture inspired, The Stencil Art Prize features 55 finalists from around the globe; from photo-realist stencils with dozens of layers, to intricate hand-cut stencils on delicate paper, this biennial exhibition is the world’s largest touring stencil prize and is the authority on all things ‘stencil art’.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2019, the Prize is a snapshot of the grassroots stencil art form that has undergone resurgence in recent decades and is now thriving. The Stencil Art Prize community of international finalists push the boundaries of the ‘stencil definition’ utilising a diverse range of techniques, materials and technology.

Stencil Art Prize High School Visual Arts Education Kit


13 March - 11 April 2021
Dragon's Lair Gallery

Tetsuya Mori’s works explore the beauty in our everyday life. His watercolours do not depict any spectacular landmarks or dramatic natural scenes. Instead, his works convey a quiet and gentle serenity, evoked through glowing yet soft colour.

‘If you observe more carefully or change your perspective to anything nearby you, you would be surprised how you can find the beauty in the mundane’. – Tetsuya Mori

Image: Hydrangeas by Tetsuya Mori


20 March - 11 July 2021
Snapshot Gallery 

Using historic images from the Georges River Libraries Local Studies collection, In sickness & in health provides a unique insight into how, for over 120 years, the local community championed the development of healthcare services in the St George area. Now on until 11 July 2021.

Image: St George Cottage Hospital, Kogarah NSW, date unknown. Georges River Libraries Local Studies collection.


Spotlight display

February - June 2021 

Hurstville Museum & Gallery’s latest Spotlight display highlights the Filipino culture, cuisine and community in the Georges River area, particularly focusing on a local restaurant and grocery shop, Panlasang Pinoy.

Filipino cuisine reflects the many cultural and linguistic groups found throughout the country. Indian, Chinese, Indonesian, Spanish and American influences have shaped foods that combine sweet, sour, salty and some bitter flavours.

Image: Panlasang Pinoy, Kogarah.



Permanent exhibition

St George Stories 
people - places - community

Housed in a Tudor style building, this MAGNA award winning exhibition explores the history of the St George area.

Learn who has shaped this region from the earliest people to present day communities and how life has changed over the years. Engage with stories through multimedia and interactive displays.

Take a virtual walk through one of our permanent gallery spaces below.


Online exhibitions

Capturing COVID: A global pandemic through a local lens

During the recent COVID-19 pandemic many people in the Georges River area and beyond have been unable to continue their lives as normal. This unprecedented time will feature in future history books, but what will be said about the impact of COVID-19 on people’s lives during this time?

In response to this, Hurstville Museum & Gallery has developed a digital exhibition, encouraging the community to reflect on their own COVID-19 experiences and stories. The exhibition, Capturing COVID: A global pandemic through a local lens, is both a record and expression of the local impact of COVID-19 through photography and personal stories. Featuring the photographs of local artist and former Artist in Residence, Elder, the exhibition highlights his evocative images, using light and dark to replace paint on canvas, and blend physical experiences, beauty and mundane reality during this time. His works combine the changing face of business, public spaces and people’s lives as a result of COVID-19, at night and during the day.

The exhibition also features quotes and excerpts from the Georges River Libraries ‘100 Diaries’ project. 100 diaries were sent out to members of the public in May 2020 to record, in text or as visual scrapbooks, people’s experiences of COVID-19 and its impact on their day-to-day lives.  The resulting diaries are a mix of sad, poignant, reflective and humorous observations of lockdown.


The beautiful game

Located within the Johnny Warren Indoor Sports Centre, this new display showcases prominent local players and a brief history of football in Australia and the St George region. The display features a selection of objects from the Hurstville Museum & Gallery collection, including a signed St George-Budapest Jersey, along with items from private lenders. To find out more information visit our online component of The beautiful game.


Keep in Touch

The world as we know it has been turned upside down due to COVID-19. Our usual ways of keeping in touch with friends over coffee, regular family dinners and water cooler chats at the office, have all but disappeared overnight. In these times, it’s more vital than ever to stay in touch, and today we are lucky enough to have the technology to talk face to face with people all over the world via apps like FaceTime, Zoom and Skype, however communication over the years has changed greatly.

In our online exhibition ‘Keep in Touch’, we will look back on how communication has evolved in the St George area, and give you activities to stay engaged with us and your friends and family.
1) Letter writing
Start your journey with our first entry on letter writing

For more information on any of the exhibitions listed above, please contact Hurstville Museum & Gallery on (02) 9330 6444 or

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