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High School Programs

Our high school programs provide students with a hands-on learning experience. All of our programs are designed to meet the outcomes of the new HSIE Syllabus and have a strong focus on historical inquiry. 

For more information on High School Programs, please contact the Museum & Gallery on either 9330 6444 or by email. Alternatively, view our Teacher Information Pack

Georges River Art Prize 2019 

This educational resource has been designed to accompany the 2019 Georges River Art Prize exhibition, on display at Hurstville Museum & Gallery from October 25 2019 – January 30 2020.

This resource introduces the Georges River Art Prize exhibition, focusing on the work of nine finalists, including both emerging and established artists, providing insight into the artmaking practice of each artist through individual case studies.

Each case study includes images and a description of the exhibited work, a Q&A with the artist discussing their artmaking practice, methods and materials, and images documenting their artmaking process. Accompanying each artist case study is a series of activities through which students may analyse and interpret works, and apply their understanding to their own artmaking practice.

This resource supports the Australian Curriculum and NSW Syllabus outcomes for Visual Arts for years 7-10. Content has been designed with reference to the four frames and the Conceptual Framework.

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Beyond the bowl

A free educational resource for high school students is available to accompany the exhibition Beyond the Bowl, on at Hurstville Museum & Gallery from 2 February – 18 April 2019.

Case studies and fact sheets focus on the ten artists featured in Beyond the bowl and their artistic practice, giving insight into how they develop and create their works.These resources are designed to assist Visual Art and Visual Design teachers and students from years 7 – 12, highlighting key syllabus-linked discussion questions. 

Hurstville Museum & Gallery would like to thank Heather Davidson, Visual Arts teacher at Macquarie Fields High School, for her guidance and assistance developing these resources.

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Artist Case Study - Julie-BartholomewArtist Case Study - Alexandra ChambersArtist Case Study - Merran EssonArtist Case Study - Honor FreemanArtist Case Study - Anita LarkinArtist Reference Sheet - Cobi CockburnArtist Reference Sheet - Eloise RankineArtist Reference Sheet - Kirstie ReaStudio Snapshot - Matthew CurtisStudio Snapshot - Emma Varga

Anzac Education

The Anzac Education program explores the experiences of Australian servicemen and women during the First World War, and promotes a greater understanding of our Anzac legacy.

The Anzac Education programs are Museum educator led and include seven modules, which all focus on analysing and interpreting primary and secondary sources. Schools select their preferred modules to tailor-make an Anzac Education program that best suits their needs. Each module includes relevant pre-visit and post-visit resources, activities and support.

The modules include:

1.    Deception and disguise (30 minutes) Stage 1-5
2.    Training day (30 minutes) Stage 1-3
3.    Postcards from the front (30 minutes) Stage 1-5
4.    What they left behind (30 minutes)Stage 1-5
5.    Remembering them (30 minutes)Stage 3-5
6.    Veteran voices (30 minutes)Stage 1-5
7.    Oral history workshop (90 minutes)

The structure and content of each module is progressive and designed to adapt to the requirements of different learning stages. Curriculum outcomes focus on developing historical skills and inquiry, as well as key content areas for Australians at War.

For more information about our Anzac Education program, including module summaries and further curriculum outcomes, visit 

Forces of Change

This program looks at the nature of change and continuity in the St George area throughout its history, and assesses the factors that cause major change. Focus areas include changing patterns of work, cultural integration, demographic change, technology, as well as local government.

The Forces of Change program includes 4 modules:

Lecture (30 minutes)

A presentation on the history of Hurstville, including Aboriginal people, early settlement, migration patterns, and the causes of change in these communities. The lecture also includes object handling and historic photographs.

Museum trail (30 minutes)

An in-depth and interactive tour of our historical exhibition: St George Stories: people - places - community. This exhibition highlights the individuals, communities and cultural groups who have lived in St George. The trail includes a worksheet and self-guided learning.

Local studies and Council tour (30 minutes)

Information on the history of Georges River Council and a guide to using primary and secondary sources from the Georges River Library Local Studies collection.

Forest Road walking tour (30 minutes)

A tour through Hurstville’s oldest and busiest thoroughfare, where a blend of old and new buildings can still be seen. The tour includes historic photographs.

Museum & Gallery tours

Bring your students along to Hurstville Museum & Gallery to see our latest exhibitions. Guided tours include curator insights into our historical exhibition, St George Stories: people - places - community, our current Snapshot Gallery exhibition of local studies photographs, as well as current Main Gallery and Dragon’s Lair Gallery exhibitions. Guided tours run for approximately 45 minutes. 

Groups may also book for a free self-guided tour of the Museum & Gallery, which includes a basic object analysis worksheet.  Self-guided tours must be pre-arranged and booked in. A brief introduction and safety talk will be given to the group prior to commencement of the self-guided tour.

Booking information 

For more information on booking High School Programs, please contact the Museum & Gallery on either 9330 6444 or by email.

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