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Hurstville Museum & Gallery aims to collect, record, research, display and store items that exemplify the history of the St George region. The Museum & Gallery encourages donations of items in good condition from the community. These items must have a significant connection to the St George area and could include:

  • artefacts and objects

  • local studies material and photographs

  • artworks

The Museum aims to collect and preserve items related to the history and community of the St George area, specifically items associated with the following categories:

  • Aboriginal history, culture and identity

  • Prominent local personalities from 1788

  • Domestic life 1800s-1950s

  • Local industries and businesses

  • Early education and local schools

  • The war years 

  • The Depression years

  • Interpretation of the Bakery Building (43b Bridge Street Hurstville) and 14 MacMahon Street Hurstville

  • Heritage of the Georges River Council

  • History, culture and identity of migrant and multicultural communities 

  • Artworks associated with the St George region, local artists or Georges River Council.

Read more about our Collection Management and Conservation Policy online.

The Museum & Gallery will not accept donations without the completion of a Donation Inquiry Form and supporting photographs of the item in order to assess its condition. To discuss your donation or to request a Donation Inquiry Form, please contact Hurstville Museum & Gallery on 9330 6444 or contact us by email.

Donation enquiries are considered by the Collections Committee and a formal letter of acceptance or refusal must be received by the donor prior to any action. Items are not to be left at the Museum & Gallery without a confirmation of acceptance of the donation. Conditional donations will not be considered.

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