Illegal Dumping

Call the Waste Hotline on 1800 079 390 for:

  • Missed bin collections

  • Bin repairs

  • Clean up information

  • Stolen bins

Go to My Services, type in your address to learn:

  • Next collection date for general waste (red bin), recycling (yellow bin) and garden waste (green bin)

  • Street sweeping dates of your street

Go to Request a Service to inform Council about:

  • Specific waste issues which require investigation

  • Illegal dumping

We monitor and investigate all instances of illegal dumping within our local area. If you witness illegal dumping or find dumped materials please contact Council or the Regional Illegal Dumping Squad (RID) on 131 555.

Illegal dumping can:

  • Cause health hazards

  • Cost Council and ratepayers money

  • Degrade the environment

  • Lower property values if areas become less attractive to prospective landowners.

It is an offence to illegally dump goods under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997. Significant fines apply to people caught dumping. 

Approved options for disposing of unwanted non-recyclable waste include:

  • Council’s free Kerbside Cleanup Service

  • Holding a garage sale or donating items to a charity shop 

  • Selling items on websites such as Ebay and Gumtree.

Residents can also drop waste off at one of the following waste management facilities: 

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