Waste and Recycling

Call the Waste Hotline on 1800 079 390 for:

  • Missed bin collections

  • Bin repairs

  • Clean up information

  • Stolen bins

Go to My Services, type in your address to learn:

  • Next collection date for general waste (red bin), recycling (yellow bin) and garden waste (green bin)

  • Street sweeping dates of your street

Go to Request a Service to inform Council about:

  • Specific waste issues which require investigation

  • Illegal dumping

Council provides each residential property with a domestic waste service. This service includes the use of a garbage bin (red lid), a recycling bin (yellow lid), a green waste bin (green lid) and two kerbside collections per year.

Bin collection days vary from Monday to Friday depending on which suburb you live in. To identify which waste collection service applies to your property or which zone your property is located in, please search for your address in Council’s Neighbourhood Maps.

A User Guide has been developed if you require further assistance with Council’s Neighbourhood Maps.

Listed below are the Waste and recycling calendars for 2019.

Peakhurst, Mortdale and Hurstville Wards​

Blakehurst and Kogarah Bay Wards

2019 Waste Calendar, Tuesday House A

2019 Waste Calendar, Wednesday House A

2019 Waste Calendar, Tuesday House B

2019 Waste Calendar, Wednesday House B

2019 Waste Calendar, Friday House A

2019 Waste Calendar, Wednesday Unit A

2019 Waste Calendar, Friday House B

2019 Waste Calendar, Wednesday Unit B


If you would like to order a waste collection calendar, please contact us.

Rubbish Bin and Collection Enquiries

For missed bin collections, bin repairs, stolen bins or kerbside clean up collections, please contact the Waste Hotline on 1800 079 390.

Residential Waste Services 


Garbage Bin

Recycling Bin

Garden Waste Bin


120 litre
weekly removal

240 litre
fortnightly removal

240 litre
fortnightly removal


120 or 240 litre
weekly removal

240 litre
fortnightly removal

240 litre
fortnightly removal


240, 660 or 1100 litre
various frequencies

240 litre
weekly removal

240 litre
fortnightly removal

Bin sizes and amounts can be rearranged for special conditions and charges may apply.

We can refuse bin collection if the following rules are not followed. Bins must be:

  • Uncontaminated and weigh less than 60kg (for 120 litre) or 70kg (for 240 litre)
  • Placed at kerbside the night before collection day with lids opening towards the street 
  • Placed one metre away from parked cars or trees.

For further information on Council's waste and recycling service contact Council.

Using Bins Correctly 

Domestic Bin Bin contents go to What goes in this bin? What cannot go in this bin?
Red lidded bin Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) Facility & Landfill Any rubbish that cannot be recycled Building materials and asbestos
Yellow lidded bin Material recycling facility Aluminium cans, glass bottles and jars, paper and cardboard, plastic containers, bottles and steel cans.  Plastic bags, food, liquid
Green lidded bin Organic resource recovery facility Leaves, small branches, twigs, flowers and grass clippings. Food scraps, pet waste

Learn more about what items are acceptable and unacceptable in Georges River's Waste and Recycling system and how to use your bins correctly.

Kerbside Clean Up Collection Service

Residents in the Georges River Council local government area are offered two kerbside clean up collection services per year.

Residents within the former Kogarah Council receive two (2) scheduled clean up collections while residents of the former Hurstville receive two (2) pre booked clean up collections. 
Council considered a review of these arrangements and resolved, due to the excessive financial cost of making changes to retain the existing arrangements until the current collection contract expires in February 2023.

Council staff will further review the current clean-up services and provide options for the new collection contract in 2023.  If in the meantime, should you require an additional collection, please contact SUEZ the waste contractors on 1800 079 390 to request a quote for the removal of your items.

For kerbside clean up dates search your address in Neighbourhood Maps or to book your next clean up contact the Waste Hotline on 1800 079 390.

To find out what items are acceptable and other kerbside clean up collection service requirements, please refer to Council's Kerbside Clean Up Collection Service information.



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