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Walkways and Cycleways

Georges River Council Local Government Area hosts a network of walkways and cycleways for the community and visitors to enjoy. Most are positioned along the foreshore of the Georges River and provide magnificent views of the river and bushland.

Most walkways and cycleways have been developed as part of Council’s Georges River Foreshore Improvement Program which is designed to enhance the foreshore areas while managing stormwater run-off into the river.


Our walkways are very popular with local residents and include:

  • Salt Pan Creek and Riverwood Wetlands walkway (Riverwood)
  • Evatt Park to Salt Pan Creek walkway (Lugarno)
  • Gannons Park to Boggywell Creek walkway (Peakhurst/Lugarno)
  • Lime Kiln Bay walkway (Peakhurst)
  • Lime Kiln Bay to Hurstville Golf Course walkway (Mortdale)
  • Oatley Park walkways
  • Oatley to Como Bridge walkway and cyclepath
  • Moore Reserve  (Oatley)
  • Carss Bush Park (Carss Park)
  • Oatley Pleasure Gardens
  • Poulton Park (Connells Point). 

Bush Walking Tips

  • Wear comfortable shoes and a hat
  • Wear sunscreen and carry plenty of water
  • Carry a mobile phone
  • Walk in pairs and always inform friends or family members where you are going before bush walking
  • Do not litter - always use rubbish bins provided
  • When walking with your dog keep it on a lead at all times and remember to pick up after it
  • Respect our precious bushland and waterways and do not disturb natural flora and fauna
  • Keep to the designated and sign-posted tracks.

 If you value the local environment as much as Council does, consider joining a bushcare group to help preserve the bush.


The Georges River Council Local Government Area is connected by an extensive network of on-road and off-road cycleways for the community to enjoy. Georges River Council encourages cycling as an enjoyable leisure activity or commuting method. By choosing to cycle you are reducing traffic congestion and air pollution, improving your health and fitness and saving money on petrol and travel fares.
Our cycleways can be found at the following locations:

  • Todd Park (Carss Park)
  • Leighton Park (Beverley Park)
  • Sans Souci Park
  • Moore Reserve (Oatley)
  • Carss Bush Park (Carss Park)
  • Oatley to Como Bridge Shared Path 
  • Oatley Park (Shared Road)
  • Gannons Park (Peakhurst)
  • Olds Park (Penshurst)
  • Kempt Field (Hurstville)
  • Hurstville Oval (Velodrome).

Cycling tips

On-road cycling

On-road cycle paths in the Georges River Council LGA are identified by logos painted on roads to the left of the edge line, and the presence of signage warning motorists and pedestrians to 'Watch for Cyclists'.
Many roads in parts of the Georges River Council LGA have been upgraded to accommodate cyclists and link different areas.

Off-road cycling

Off-road cycleways in the Georges River Council LGA enable cyclists to ride on a paved surface without interference from vehicles.

Shared paths

Some pathways that are authorised for cyclist use are also shared with pedestrians. 

Pedestrians have priority on shared paths, and cyclists are required by law to ride to the left of the path. It is suggested that you ring your bicycle bell to warn pedestrians of your approach, especially if you are behind them.