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Commercial Fitness and Training

Georges River Council requires fitness instructors and personal trainers to obtain a permit in order to perform commercial fitness activities in Council’s open spaces. Permits are limited to ensures the health and safety of the public and fair access for all.

How to get permit?
Why do I need permit?
What's allowed and what's not?


How to get a permit

Any organisation or individual providing fitness services, activities and/or instruction to people on public land and receiving a retaining fee, financial contribution or donation you must apply for a permit. To obtain a permit contact Council on 9330 6400 or email info@georgesriver.nsw.gov.au.
Applications are reviewed by Council officers in accordance with the Policy for the Use of Council Parks & Reserves by Commercial Fitness Groups & Personal Fitness Trainers to determine eligibility for a permit. Applicants will be notified by phone and mail within 14 days of submitting their application. Costs of permits depend upon location. See Council’s 2016/17 fees and charges.


Why do I need a permit?

Commercial fitness training is one of the strongest growth areas in the fitness industry. Increasing numbers of commercial fitness trainers using public open space has raised a number of issues, including:

  • Equity of access including potential conflict with displaced users, management of demand, domination and monopolisation of areas and exploitation of public land by commercial operators  

  • Impact on residents in close proximity to the parks with noise and disruption early in the morning  

  • Public liability concerns in Council owned spaces.

Please note: If youare found illegally engaging in activities which require a permit you will be asked to cease activities and advised to apply for a permit. On subsequent occasions you will be asked to ceased activities and may be issued with an on the spot fine of $220.

What's allowed and what's not?

Allowed Activities
Prohibited Activities
High Imapct Activity:
  • Gym activities  and circuit training
  • Boxing and pad training after 6.30am
  • Organised aerobic activity
  • Boot Camp (circuit type only, no shouting)
  • Any combination of the above Highly Active exercises
  • Other similar highly active exercises as assessed and approved by Council.
Low Impact Activity:
  • Pilates, yoga and tai chi
  • Power walking
  • Calisthenics
  • Any combinations of the above low impact exercises
  • Storage of any equipment within a public park or space
  • Selling, hiring or promoting goods or services including signage
  • Amplified music or voice equipment
  • Pressurised air-horns, whistles or other similar devices
  • Unauthorised use of Council’s sporting floodlights
  • Any mobile floodlights or spotlights
  • Signage of any kind including A-frames