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Methods of Procurement

Georges River Council uses various methods to procure goods and services. Where there is an existing SSROC or Government Contract that provides best value, Council prefers to utilise suppliers under these contracts. Where no contract exists or is suitable, Council may call for tender or seek quotations when procuring goods and services depending on the estimated value of these good and services.

  • Tenders
  • Expressions of Interest


In relation to goods and services with a value over $150,000, Council must go out to public tender. Council may choose to go out to tender for a lesser value, if it sees the need to.  With a public tender, the rules of engagement are clearly stated within the tender documents that are prepared by Council.  A tender will also clearly set out Council’s requirements, and what criteria Council will use to evaluate tenders and choose a supplier. A successful tenderer must carefully address each criteria contained in the tender document.

Georges River Council has now moved towards electronic tendering. If you are interested in becoming a potential supplier you can register your details to access current tenders, and to set up notifications when future tenders are released. To register go to Tenderlink.

Request for Information (RFI) and/or Expression of Interest (EOI)

On occasion Council will go out to the market to explore specific and unique requirements. Often referred to as an RFI or EOI, it is usually the first stage of a complex tender and allows council to prequalify suppliers who are likely to be capable of fulfilling the requirements through a formal tender.