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Fees and Charges

Georges River Council's child care fees are structured to reflect the different funding models and services provided at each of our centres hence fees and charges, each service’s fees and charges differ dependent on what services are offered. Council is committed to providing high quality early childhood education and care services to the community and strive to keep the cost of child care affordable. Council reviews fees and charges annually.

Fees and charges include:

  • a daily fee for the provision of the child care service
  • a two week fee bond on acceptance of an enrolment position

It is important to note that all families using children’s services may be eligible for fee assistance in the form of the Child Care Rebate and/or Child Care Benefit. Families at our Long Day Care Centres are eligible for the fee subsidy through the Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate System. Fee subsidies can be applied for through the Family Assistance Office. The level of subsidy is means tested.

Pre-school fees are funded through the NSW Government. Families at pre-schools are not eligible for Child Care Benefit or Child Care Rebate Subsidies.

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