Water Quality Management

We are committed to working with the community to improve public understanding of water pollution and to help build a sustainable water future. Water quality monitoring allows us to collect regular data of water quality and access trends over time.

There are a number of ways which you can help to protect our local waterways. Our community volunteers, the Georges River Watchers, are responsible for collecting samples of the water. By working with the community, we can raise awareness of the pollution issues occurring in the local area.

The Georges River Watchers collect water samples from a variety of locations within the area every month. The following sample sites have been selected to deliver an accurate measurement of the overall catchment water quality:

Sample groups A and B are sampled alternate months, allowing each site to be sampled every two months. Sampling occurs at 9.30am on the third Sunday of each month excluding December and January.

Sample sites

1. Sans Souci Park – end Riverside Drive, Sans Souci

2. Bonney Street Wharf – end of Bonney Street, Sans Souci

3. Claydon Reserve – end of Torwood Street, Sans Souci

4. Carss Bush Park – end of Carwar Avenue, Carss Park

5. Kyle Bay Reserve – Merriman Street, Kyle Bay

6. Connells Bay Reserve – Connells Point Road, Connells Point

7. Oatley Bay – Morshead Drive, Oatley Bay

8. Oatley Pleasure Grounds – Annette Street, Oatley.

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