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Peakhurst Ward

Oatley Park Nature-based Inclusive Adventure Playground

Works Start Date: November 2018
Works End Date: June 2019
Location: Dame Mary Gilmore Drive, Oatley
Funding: $1,500,000 from NSW Government’s Open Space and Parklands Program and Georges River Council via Section 94 Development Contributions (Open Space) funding.

Georges River Council’s 2018/19 Capital Works Program includes the replacement of the old existing playground in Oatley Park (also known as the steam roller park) with a new nature-based Inclusive adventure playground.

The nature-based adventure playground will include new site-specific play elements, landscaping works, new park furniture and associated park infrastructure.

The project will deliver a first-class recreational asset which is designed to be sensitive to its bushland setting. The playground will cater for all ages and abilities and be constructed primarily from natural materials that include nature-based play elements and new picnic facilities.

The project is currently in the design phase and Council is seeking input from the community on the type of features and play elements that users of the playground would like to see included.

A 'pop-up’ play day will take place at the steamroller park for collecting community ideas on the design for the playground. Come down and enjoy some nature play, games and activities, where kids and families will have the opportunity to put their design hats on and contribute to the final designs of the park. The event will be held from 10.30am – 2.30pm on Saturday 6 October.

Council looks forward to receiving your input and design suggestions. You are also welcome to provide feedback on Council's Your Say Georges River webpage.

Construction of the playground is expected to commence in November 2018 and will take approximately six months to complete. During this time the playground will be closed. Council thanks you for your patience during this time and apologises for any inconvenience caused.

Note: The closing date for feedback on the design is 20 October 2018.

Blakehurst Ward

Carss Bush Park Foreshore Naturalisation (Stages Two and Three)

Works Start Date: October 2018
Works End Date: July 2019
Location: Carss Bush Park
Carwar Avenue, Carss Park

Continuing its successful foreshore habitat improvement program, Georges River Council is constructing its largest eco-shoreline/environmentally friendly seawall project along the remaining sections of seawall at Carss Bush Park.

Stage Two is a 1.0ha project area focused on 130m of concrete vertical seawall, 80m of concrete stormwater channel and associated parkland in the western section of the park. This project will remove the existing concrete seawall and develop a mudflat/beach environment with a vegetated coastal dune constructed behind. The existing concrete stormwater channel will be removed, and a ‘naturalised’ creek line will be developed with a larger mouth to emulate natural creek lines entering into the Georges River. The creek environment will include saltmarsh, mangrove, and rocky intertidal areas along the sandstone and sediment based waterway.

Stage Three is a 0.7ha project area focused on 292m of concrete vertical seawall on Carss Point, connecting the two previous stages. The focus of this stage is to be consistent with the construction designs of the earlier two stages of the project, to emulate the historic shape of Carss Point, and the establishment of estuarine habitat communities. These communities include saltmarsh, intertidal rock platform, and mudflat habitats introduced through the use of sandstone terraces, concrete construction, and ‘rip-rap’ zones. This work will be constructed along with Stage Two in 2018-2019. Other incorporations to this foreshore include a small boat ramp for the local remote control sailing club, and an overwater boardwalk section to improve community use.

Stage Two - Carss Foreshore Construction
Stage Three - Carss Foreshore Construction

New Sports Amenities Buildings in Renown Reserve, Oatley

Works Start Date: 18 June 2018
Works End Date: June 2019
Location: Renown Reserve, Oatley
Funding: $1.2 million from Stronger Communities Fund and $731,427 from Asset Management Reserve Investment
Two new state-of-the-art sports and public amenity buildings will be constructed in Renown Reserve, with construction commencing on Monday 18 June 2018. 

On Tuesday 12 June, Council and Sullivans Constructions undertook a site assessment to ensure the nominated locations of the new buildings were suitable. During the assessment a substantial volume of rock was uncovered, which has meant the locations of the buildings have had to be adjusted slightly from the original location. This relocation will ensure that the works will continue to schedule. 

The new buildings, which were designed with the assistance from consultation with the St George Football Association, Oatley Football Club and Renown United Rugby League Club, will provide numerous benefits to sports clubs and members of the community. They will include: 
Public amenities comprising:
  • One urinal
  • One ambulant male toilet
  • One ambulant female toilet
  • One female toilet
  • One unisex accessible toilet with baby change table
Football Amenities
  • Home and Away gender neutral changerooms (comprising in each changeroom):
  • Two shower cubicles
  • One ambulant toilet
  • Bench seating
  • Marine grade carpet in change areas
  • Referees changeroom
  • Canteen
  • Storage
  • Undercover BBQ area (to be funded by Club)
Rugby League Sports Amenities:
  • Home and Away gender neutral changerooms (comprising in each changeroom):
  • Two shower cubicles
  • One ambulant toilet
  • Bench seating
  • Marine grade carpet in change areas
  • Referees changeroom
  • Canteen
  • Storage
  • Clubroom (to be funded by Club)
  • Undercover BBQ area (to be funded by Club)
Artist Impression
Site locations

Mortdale Ward

Gannons Park Water Quality Improvement and Stormwater Harvesting Scheme- Stages 1, 2 and 3

Works Start Date: October/November 2017
Works End Date: Ongoing
Location: Gannons Park, Peakhurst
Funding: Council, S94 Developer Contributions and $250,000 Metropolitan Greenspace Program.
The first stage of this project, which was developed in accordance with the objectives of the Gannons Park Master Plan adopted in 2011, is now complete and involved the construction of the following features:
  • Diversion pit
  • Gross Pollutant Trap
  • Rocky creek and swales
  • Shared path alongside creek
  • Storage pond and water feature
  • Boardwalk (part 1 – boardwalk to be completed in later stages)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
The treated stormwater will be stored in storage ponds which will additionally serve as a water feature and an aquatic habitat in the park.

The next stage of the project has now commenced and will include the following components:
  • Design and construction of a 400 kL header tank
  • Construction of a small brick building to house the irrigation pumps and equipment
  • Supply and installation of irrigation pump set and control systems
  • Gannons Park playing fields irrigation system
  • Design and construction of a subsoil drainage system within the Gannons Park playing fields
When the works undertaken in the final stage of the project are completed, treated water will be pumped from the storage pond to a header tank where it will undergo further treatment via filtration and UV disinfection.

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