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Georges River Combined Councils' Committee

Local and state government are responsible for guaranteeing the health and protection of the Georges River and work closely with the Georges River Combined Councils’ Committee who coordinate the strategic and on ground management of the river.

The Georges River catchment covers an area of approximately 960km2 and is home to over one million residents. The catchment refers to the area of land that drains into the river. Everything that occurs within this catchment area affects the river.

The Georges River Combined Councils' Committee (GRCCC) consists of eight local councils, as well as government agencies and community representatives within the Georges River catchment.  The GRCCC helps to facilitate a coordinated approach to the management of the Georges River and its activities include the Riverkeeper Program.

The Riverkeeper Program services the GRCCC's nine member councils and identifies rubbish hotspots and areas for primary bush regeneration and weed control activities on the river's foreshores, creeks and tributaries. The Riverkeeper Program also plays a role in raising awareness and appreciation amongst those who use, work along and live by the river. 

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