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Community Gardens

Georges River Council hosts two community gardens in the local government area. Community Gardens are valuable for many reasons. They facilitate social cohesion by being spaces where local residents can gather to grow food, relax, learn and make new friends. They also provide a means of delivering education on waste management and water conservation practices, understanding the local biodiversity, promoting energy efficiency, encouraging nutritional health, and informing the community about native plants and wildlife. 

Community gardens offer the unique opportunity for residents of our area, including those people living in medium density areas, to grow their own fruit and vegetables and enjoy the benefits of harvesting their own food in a city environment.

Community garden membership benefits also include:

  • opportunities to socialise with like-minded residents
  • sharing your gardening knowledge
  • learning new gardening skills
  • potential cost savings on your grocery bills
  • availability of your own organically grown vegetables and fruits
  • being part of a sustainable initiative
  • participating in workshops

Carss Park Community Garden

Carwar Avenue, Carss Park

The Carss Park Community Garden has been developed on one of the bowling greens of the old Carss Park Bowling Club. Over the years Council has worked with a committee of local volunteers to develop and create the Carss Park Community Garden.

The project is an on-going process with the completion of the multi-function straw bale shed and toilet, four shared garden beds, 20 individual garden beds, four raised mobility garden beds, a frog pond, a herb spiral, a variety of orchard trees planted and installation of rain water tanks. The completed gardens have provided the members of the garden a way to reduce their grocery bills by harvesting seasonal produce.

Current garden projects include the completion of a teaching bed for Council's Narani Childcare Centre and the construction of a garden for the children of the Community Garden Members.

The site incorporates a straw bale shed which is used for community meetings and workshops as well as the storage of tools and other items used by the community gardeners. In keeping with the sustainability ethos of community gardens, the shed walls were built from straw bales, recycled tyres were used in the foundation, lime render was used in place of cement, timber was plantation-grown Paulownia timber, the shed includes the installation of rainwater tanks and the building has a "truth window" to show visitors the straw bale construction of the walls.

Working bees are held every second and fourth Saturday of the month from 8.00am, and every third Wednesday of the month from 9.00am.

Hurstville Community Garden

Corner of Wright and Cross Streets, Hurstville

The Hurstville Community Garden is located on parcel of land donated by Council and features a communal area and more than 30 plots. These plots are allocated to residents using a ballot system and the project and site is managed by the Hurstville Community Garden Association, comprised of interested community members.

The garden is also a regular venue for sustainability workshops which Council hosts for the community.


If you would like to apply to become a member of either of Georges River Council's Community Garden, please contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on 9330 6400.