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Sustainable Living Tips

Here are our top tips for sustainable living in the home:

Save power

  • Buy appliances with a high energy-saving rating.

  • Only heat or cool the room you are using.

  • Close windows and doors to prevent heat loss.

  • Turn off appliances at the wall to stop them going on standby.

  • Replace old incandescent or halogen lights with LED lights. 

Reduce waste

  • Grow your own food.

  • Reduce food packaging by using reusable bags at the supermarket.

  • Cook a meal using leftovers.

  • Stick to your shopping list to avoid buying excess food.

  • Only cook what you need.  Plan meal proportions before starting to cook. 

Recycle and compost

  • Set up a paper recycling box in your home.

  • Put food scraps on your garden (via compost or a worm farm) rather than in the bin.

  • It is cheaper to refill rather than replace most printer cartridges.

  • Recycle chemicals, batteries and electronics at specific Council collection days or at a dedicated recycling facility. Visit Chemical Cleanout for further information.

  • Purchase recycled products. 

Save water

  • Keep your shower to less than four minutes.

  • Only run washing machine when there is a full load.

  • Replace high-flow shower heads with low-flow water efficient shower heads.

  • Water your garden in the early morning or late afternoon to prevent water loss through evaporation.

  • Install a dual-flush toilet. 

Make the switch to renewable energy – it’s easier than you think

  • Switch to 100% Green Power. Visit www.greenpower.gov.au

  • Solar electricity panels can easily be installed on your roof and can pay for themselves in a few years.