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Catchments and Waterways


Rain falling within the Georges River Local Government Area (LGA) will ultimately end up in two major water bodies within the Sydney Basin: the Georges River or the Cooks River.  The creeks, wetlands and waterways of the Georges River LGA vary greatly in condition and in the values that may be attributed to them. 

Through the removal of vegetation and additional impervious surfaces, such as roads and roofs, urban development has a major impact on the amount and speed in which stormwater is delivered to local waterways.  Urban areas also generate large amounts of pollutants that affect the health of local waterways.  As a result, it is common to see erosion of creeks, loss of vegetation, and pollution fouling local waterways - all of which leads to a loss of the biodiversity of plants and animals.

Georges River Council is committed to improving the quality of our waterways and as such hosts the Georges River Combined Councils’ Committee (GRCCC).  The GRCCC was formed in 1979 and consists of eight local councils, as well as agencies and community representatives who work collectively to enhance, conserve and protect the Georges River and its catchment. 

The GRCCC's mission is to advocate for the protection, conservation and enhancement of the health of the Georges River by developing programs and partnerships, and by lobbying government organisations and other stakeholders.

Each Council is represented on the GRCCC by up to three Councillors.  Over the years the GRCCC has taken on many environmental issues and has become an effective lobby group, able to represent the needs of the councils when dealing with government policies as they affect the Georges River.  For more information on the GRCCC click here.