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Planning FAQ

Within this section, you will find frequently asked questions related to planning including development applications, planning certificates, planning proposals, and more.

Will there be changes to the Local Environment Plans (LEP) and Development Control Plans (DCP) for each local government area? If so, when will these changes take effect?

There will be no immediate changes to the status of the Hurstville LEP and Kogarah LEP and DCPs that apply to each former local government area and they remain in place until changed.

I recently lodged an application or request for service with Hurstville/ Kogarah Council. Will this be affected?

Any application or request for service that was lodged with the former Councils prior to the creation of the new Council will be actioned as per standard response times indicated to you at the time of lodgment. Any enquiries relating to an application or request for a service lodged before the creation of the new Council should be made to the respective Customer Service Centre.

I have a permit (for parking, footway license, hoarding, and so on) issued by Hurstville/ Kogarah Council. Is this still valid?

All permits or licenses issued by Hurstville/ Kogarah Councils remain valid until the expiry date of the permits or license.