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Repeal of DCPs and policies applying to the former City of Hurstville LGA and former City of Kogarah LGA

The Georges River Development Control Plan 2020 (GRDCP 2020) will become effective upon the gazettal of the Georges River Local Environmental Plan 2020 (GRLEP 2020). The following DCPs and policies applying to the former City of Hurstville local government area (LGA) and former City of Kogarah LGA will be repealed:

  • Hurstville Development Control Plan 1
  • Kogarah Development Control Plan 2013
  • Georges River Development Control Plan 2020 – Interim Policy
  • Drainage and onsite detention policy
  • Fencing adjacent to public roads
  • Balcony enclosures in residential flat buildings policy
  • Satellite dish policy
  • Code for the erection of private tennis courts
  • Stencilling of street driveways policy
  • Underground electricity cabling to developments policy
  • Design guidelines for absorption trenches
  • Rainwater tanks policy, adopted 18 December 2002
  • Home activities policy, adopted 15 August 2001
  • Code for commercial use of public footpaths

The plans and policies listed above are replaced by the GRDCP 2020 because:

  • The GRDCP 2020 supports the new GRLEP 2020 and the GRDCP 2020 contains up to date guidelines for development within the LGA.
  • The GRDCP contains updated notification requirements from our new Community Engagement Strategy.

Hurstville City Centre

The following Hurstville DCPs will continue to apply to sites within the Hurstville City Centre. Refer to the Development Control Plans page for details:

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