Kogarah North Urban Design Strategy

The Kogarah North Precinct is the subject of the New City Plan amendment to the Kogarah Local Environmental Plan 2012 (LEP) which introduced new planning controls that allow for a greater intensity of residential uses across the Precinct.

The Kogarah North Urban Design Strategy has been prepared to enable the transformation of the Kogarah North Precinct to occur in a way that maintains a high quality of amenity for existing residents (through the transition) and future residents. The Strategy has been informed by an in-depth urban design and planning analysis and a series of place based considerations, which include:

  • Vehicular transport and access
  • Active and public transport
  • Landscape character
  • Heritage items
  • Land ownership, and
  • Strata property.
At at its Meeting held 27 November 2017, Council endorsed the Kogarah North Urban Design Strategy (November 2017) as a Strategic Planning document that will inform  the preparation of the DCP controls for the Kogarah North Precinct.

The Strategy provides recommendations to allow Council to determine a preferred urban design and planning response for the future redevelopment of the Kogarah North Precinct.

For enquiries related to the draft Kogarah North Urban Design Strategy please contact Council.

At its meeting held on 18 December 2017, Georges River Council resolved to adopt draft Kogarah Development Control Plan – Amendment No. 2 - Kogarah North Precinct with amendments, in particular deleting parts of Section 9 (Building Heights) in order to reflect a maximum building height of 33 metres (as per the Kogarah Local Environmental Plan 2012).
The purpose of the Development Control Plan Amendment is to provide the guiding principles and controls for development in the Kogarah North Precinct. In accordance with the provisions of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, and related Regulation, the Amendment to the Kogarah Development Control Plan came into force on Wednesday 10 January 2017.
A copy of the Development Control Plan can be viewed on Council’s website http://www.georgesriver.nsw.gov.au/Development/Planning-Controls/Development-Control-Plans or purchased from Council’s Customer Service Counter, Ground Floor, Civic Centre, MacMahon Street, Hurstville.

Pre-Lodgement Advisory Service (PLAS) for Development in the Kogarah North Precinct

The Kogarah North Urban Design Strategy has been prepared by City Plan Strategy and Development in conjunction with Atlas Urban Design on behalf of Georges River Council (Council).

The Precinct has been rezoned to allow for a greater intensity of residential uses, up to 33m (height) and 4:1 (FSR).

The purpose of the Urban Design Strategy is to facilitate renewal and redevelopment within the Precinct in a coordinated way and forms the basis for future local planning and the development of DCP controls within the Precinct.

Applications for development within the Kogarah North Precinct are required to have a formal pre-application consultation (Pre Lodgement Advisory Service). These applications will be referred to the authors of the Strategy to ensure consistent and transparent assessment of the proposal.

In addition to the requirements outlined on the PLAS form, applications within the Kogarah North Precinct are to address Option 3 of the built form strategies and the urban design objectives and strategies.

Applications for PLAS can be made by completing the Pre-Development or Development Advisory Service form and submitting it along with the required fees and supporting documentation. 

Your application will be acknowledged within 7 days and Council officers will liaise with the authors of the draft Strategy to ensure assessment within  21 days.

You will then be invited to attend a meeting with an Assessment Planner to discuss the outcomes.

If you make a submission and have made political donations or gifts, a statement must be completed.  A person may request to have their personal details suppressed, this request should be included in the submission. For more information about Council's Privacy Management Plan, contact the Council’s Governance Section on 9330 6400.



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