Kogarah North Precinct Public Domain Plan

Georges River Council has prepared the Kogarah North Precinct Public Domain Plan that will guide the transformation of the Precinct to a new high density residential environment. The key aims of the Plan are to:

  • Reflect the role of Kogarah North as being part of a Strategic Centre;
  • Provide streetscape design guidelines for public domain improvements for private development; and
  • Identify works and associated costings for Section 7.11 and 7.12 Contributions Plans.

Council sent approximately 460 letters in April 2018 to the residents in the Precinct inviting comments; however no formal submissions were received. The draft Plan was also uploaded on Council’s ‘Your Say’ webpage in April 2018 and ten comments were received. These related to parking and traffic movements, pedestrian safety issues and encouragement of active transport, improved public domain works (including capturing winter sun in the public areas within the Precinct), and need for infrastructure to support the future high-rise developments in terms of improved transport, medical, shops and local streets. The comments made did not require any amendments to the Plan. The final Plan addresses the issues raised in terms of providing a better public domain, traffic movements, increasing the tree canopy and improving the overall quality of this Precinct.

At its meeting on 25 February 2019, Council resolved:

(a)   To endorse the Kogarah North Precinct Public Domain Plan (December 2018, Revision G) as a Strategic Planning document:

        i.  that will inform the preparation of the new Georges River Contributions Plan and Planning Agreement Policy.
        ii.  that will inform advice to applicants on Council’s requirements for public domain works in the Kogarah North Precinct.

(b)    That the Kogarah North Public Domain Plan informs the list of public domain works in the Kogarah North Precinct for the purposes of negotiating Voluntary Planning Agreements.

Supporting documents

Kogarah North Precinct Urban Design Strategy – November 2017
Kogarah DCP 2013 – E4: Kogarah North Precinct DCP – January 2018
Environmental and Planning Committee Report on Kogarah North Public Domain Plan – 11 February 2019
Kogarah North Precinct Public Domain Plan – December 2018, Revision G
Kogarah North Precinct Preliminary Cost Plan – December 2018 


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