Georges River Industrial Land Review

Georges River Council has prepared the Georges River Industrial Land Review. The Review provides a detailed analysis of industrial precincts in the Georges River LGA, including a detailed demand and supply analysis of industrial lands and assessment of the suitability of each industrial precinct for local and strategic industrial uses.
The Georges River Industrial Land Review finds that the Georges River LGA currently has a shortage of urban services land and will have a deficit of industrial floor space by 2036. Based on the suitability analysis, all industrial precincts within the LGA are well placed to accommodate either strategic or local industries, and in some cases both.

Accordingly, the Georges River Industrial Land Review recommends that existing industrial zoned land should not be rezoned if there is a demonstrable need or shortage and alternative industrial opportunities do not exist. There is not currently considered to be a clear case for change to support any further rezonings of industrial precincts within the Georges River LGA.

The Georges River Industrial Land Review highlights the need for industrial land to be retained and managed across the Georges River LGA in line with the policy direction in the South District Plan.

The Georges River Industrial Land Review provides Council and landowners with a clear strategic direction for the development of employment lands across the LGA to ensure that sufficient land is zoned to accommodate future employment growth, particularly in light of pressure from landowners to rezone industrial land.

The Georges River Industrial Land Review was presented to Council at its meeting on 17 December 2018 where Council resolved:

a) That Council endorse the Georges River Industrial Land Review as a strategic planning document that will inform the preparation of the Georges River LEP and DCP controls.
b) That Council forward the Georges River Industrial Land Review to the Greater Sydney Commission and Department of Planning and Environment seeking endorsement as a strategic document.
c) That Council advise the landowners of land zoned IN2 – Light Industrial within the Hurstville Local Environmental Plan 2012 and Kogarah Local Environmental Plan 2012 of Council’s decision and invite them to attend an information session on the Georges River Industrial Land Review.
d) That Council advise the applicants of the Planning Proposal for 53-55 Halstead Street, South Hurstville of Council’s decision and request additional information addressing the Georges River Industrial Land Review if they wish to proceed with the Planning Proposal.
e) That the Georges River Industrial Land Review be published on Council’s website.

Supporting Documents

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For enquiries related to the Georges River Industrial Land Review, please contact Council's Strategic Planning section on 9330 6400.

Guidelines for Assessing Industrial Land Rezoning Proposals

Guidelines for Assessing Industrial Land Rezoning Proposals have also been developed to provide a clear framework for Council to assess planning proposals intending to rezone industrial land. The Guidelines are considered necessary due to the complexities and detailed analysis that is required to justify any change in zoning or amendment to the controls for industrial uses.

The Guidelines for Assessing Industrial Land Rezoning Proposals will be used to form the basis for assessing planning proposals involving industrial land. To ensure a consistent process for the assessment of planning proposals rezoning industrial lands, any rezoning requests involving industrial lands is to be accompanied by a rezoning assessment in accordance with the Guidelines.

Before you submit a planning proposal involving industrial land, please contact Council’s Strategic Planning section on 9330 6400 for a copy of the Guidelines for Assessing Industrial Land Rezoning Proposals


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