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Georges River Development Control Plan 2020
On 23 April 2019, Council resolved to prepare the Georges River Development Control Plan (GRDCP 2020) for our local government area (LGA) to support the Georges River LEP 2020 (GRLEP 2020).

The GRDCP 2020 aims to harmonise controls in the DCPs applying to land within the LGA to create a DCP for the whole LGA.

The GRDCP 2020 will replace some of the current DCPs, the Interim Policy and former Hurstville Council policies.

On 24 August 2020, Council considered a report on the GRDCP 2020; however due to a lack of quorum, delegation was referred to the Georges River Local Planning Panel (LPP). Refer to the Council resolution here.

The LPP considered the report on 17 September 2020 and resolved to place the GRDCP 2020 on public exhibition, subject to amendments. Refer to the LPP resolution here.

The GRDCP 2020 was amended prior to its public exhibition from 21 October to 27 November 2020.

A post-exhibition report (including Addendum Report 1 and Addendum Report 2) was prepared for the LPP’s consideration on 4 March 2021, and on 24 March 2021, the LPP adopted the GRDCP 2020. Refer to the LPP resolution here. The GRDCP 2020 will become effective upon the gazettal of the GRLEP 2020. The adopted GRDCP 2020 is included below:

GRDCP Table of Contents
GRDCP Part 1 – Introduction
GRDCP Part 2 – Application Process
GRDCP Part 3 – General Planning Considerations
GRDCP Part 4 – General Land Use
GRDCP Part 5 – Residential Locality Statements
GRDCP Part 6.1 – Low Density Residential Controls
GRDCP Part 6.2 – Medium Density Residential Controls
GRDCP Part 6.3 – High Density Residential Controls
GRDCP Part 6.4 – Ancillary Development
GRDCP Part 6.5 – Foreshore Locality Controls
GRDCP Part 7 – Business Precincts
GRDCP Part 8 – Kogarah Town Centre
GRDCP Part 9 – Industrial Development
GRDCP Part 10 – Precincts
GRDCP Appendices
GRDCP Glossary

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