Section 7.11 Development Contributions

Section 7.11 Development Contributions

Section 7.11 contributions (formerly known as section 94 contributions) are levied on developments for community amenities and services required as a consequence of the development  in specific areas of the Georges River Local Government Area.

The Contributions Plans identify the community facilities and services that developers pay a contribution towards, the types of developments that are levied a contribution and the base contribution rates that are levied for the facilities.

The Contributions Plans that currently apply to the Georges River Local Government Area include:


Please note, in many instances, more than one plan will apply to a particular lot. In many instances for Kogarah, as an example Plan 1,5 and 9 applies concurrently in many instances for certain types of development.

The contribution rates levied on developments under these plans are indexed for inflation at the time the development is approved (i.e. when consent or complying certificates are issued) and at the time of payment in accordance with the relevant Contributions Plan.

The current indexed rates for the Hurstville Contributions Plan are provided below. Please contact Council’s Strategic Planning section for the current indexed contributions rates for the Kogarah Contributions Plans.


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