Development Contributions

Some developments may require a financial contribution towards the cost of new and upgraded community facilities, such as sports fields and childcare centres.

The Georges River Section 94A Plan applies the following levies to development:

  • Development costs up to and including $100,000 will not be subject to a contribution levy.

  • Development costs valued between $100,001 and $200,000 will be subject to a levy of 0.5%.

  • Development costs valued over $200,000 will be subject to a levy of 1%. 

Schedule A - Cost Summary Reports ($101,000 - $750,000)
Schedule B - Quantity Surveyors Cost Report (Over $750,000)

Current Plans

Hurstville Section 94 Development Contributions Plan 2012 (Amendment No. 2) - Effective 19 July 2017
Current Indexed Contribution Rates - December 2018
Section 94 Plan No 1 - Roads and Traffic
Section 94 Plan No 5 - Open Space
Section 94 Plan No 8 - Kogarah Town Centre
Section 94 Plan No 8 - Kogarah Town Centre - Appendix A
Section 94 Plan No 9 - Kogarah Libraries
Section 94 Plan - Ramsgate Centre


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