Development Contributions

Some developments may require a financial contribution towards the cost of new and upgraded community facilities, such as sports fields and childcare centres. These contributions are empowered through the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (specific sections of the Act are given for each contribution type for reference).

View the relevant sections of the Environmental Planning and Assesment Act 1979.

Contributions applying to the Local Government Area (section 7.12 contributions)

The Georges River Section 94A Plan applies the following levies to development on any land in the Georges River Local Government Area falling outside of the specific area plans listed in the next section:

The rates are as follows:

  • Development costs up to and including $100,000 will not be subject to a contribution levy.
  • Development costs valued between $100,001 and $200,000 will be subject to a levy of 0.5%.
  • Development costs valued over $200,000 will be subject to a levy of 1%. 

Schedule A - Cost Summary Reports ($101,000 - $750,000)
Schedule B - Quantity Surveyors Cost Report (Over $750,000)

Contributions applying to specific areas (seciton 7.11 contributions)

In certain areas, instead of the Georges River s94APlan applying, the following specific plans will apply. These have levy amounts that are different to the Georges River s94A Plan. These are as follows:

Hurstville Section 94 Development Contributions Plan 2012 (Amendment No. 2) - Effective 19 July 2017
Hurstville Section 94 Development Contributions Plan - Current Indexed Contribution Rates - March 2019
Kogarah Section 94 Plan No 1 - Roads and Traffic
Kogarah Section 94 Plan No 5 - Open Space
Kogarah Section 94 Plan No 8 - Kogarah Town Centre
Kogarah Section 94 Plan No 8 - Kogarah Town Centre - Appendix A
Kogarah Section 94 Plan No 9 - Kogarah Libraries
Ramsgate Section 94 Plan - Ramsgate Centre

Contributions applied by other consent authorities (section 7.13 contributions)

In addition to The Georges River Section 94A Plan and the Plans on specific areas, there are also other financial contributions which may be required by an authority other than Council.

For Development Applications lodged with Council, this authority is usually the Land and Environment court imposing additional levies as part of their development consent conditions from an appeal.

Council currently has a number of 7.13 levies that have been imposed by the Land and Environment Court.

For enquiries, please contact Council.


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