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Corporate Planning and Reporting

Community Strategic Plans

Georges River Council is now preparing its first Community Strategic Plan which will identify the priorities, aspirations and vision of the community. Council has developed a short survey for the community to share their thoughts on medium and long term priorities for the Council and the wider community. You can complete the survey here. The draft Community Strategic Plan will be ready for the new Council to consider following the elections in September 2017.

Local Councils in NSW are required to undertake planning and reporting activities in accordance with the Local Government Act 1993 and the Local Government (General) Regulations 2005.
The Local Government Amendment (Planning and Reporting) Act 2009 was assented on 1 October, 2009. It includes the requirements to prepare a long term Community Strategic Plan, a Resourcing Strategy, a four-year Delivery Plan, an annual Operational Plan, an Annual Report and an End of Term Report.
In 2010 and again in 2012, both the former Kogarah City Council and the former Hurstville City Council undertook extensive community consultation to develop Community Strategic Plans, along with four-year Delivery Programs and Resourcing Strategies. These plans will continue to guide the new Council until a new Community Strategic Plan and Delivery Program is prepared after the first election in September 2017.
The former Kogarah City Council’s Community Strategic Plan, Bright Future, Better Lifestyle: Kogarah 2030 is built around six key strategic directions:
  1. A Clean, Green and Sustainable City
  2. A Liveable and Connected City
  3. A Thriving and Prosperous City
  4. A Vibrant, Safe and Inclusive City
  5. An Active and Healthy City
  6. An Innovative and Efficient Council.
The former Hurstville City Council’s 10 Year Hurstville Community Strategic Plan 2025 (HCSP2025) addresses community concerns under a 4-Pillar framework:
  1. Social and Cultural Development
  2. Economic Prosperity
  3. Environmental Sustainability
  4. Civic Leadership.


Delivery and Operational Plans

Operational Plan 2016/2017

Georges River Council will continue to implement the priorities of the former Councils. In order to assist Council and provide future direction, the Operational Plan 2016-17 is a consolidation of the priorities identified by the former Kogarah City Council and the former Hurstville City Council. This is an integrated document that outlines Georges River Council's actions under the following themes:
1. Assets and the Natural Environment
2. Planning, Regulatory and Environmental
3. Community and Culture
4. Governance and Corporate Services
5. Building Organisational Capacity
This is an evolving document and will change as Council works through the implementation of the Georges River Council.
A copy of the Georges River Council 16/17 Operational Plan can be found here.

Delivery Plan 2016-2020

In each document the Delivery Program directly addresses the Key Strategic Directions or the 4-Pillar framework identified in the associated Community Strategic Plans, and identifies Goals and Strategies which are within Council’s realm of responsibility and links with Council’s Resourcing Strategy. It is important to note that the Community Strategic Plan, the Delivery Program, and the Resourcing Strategy are all linked together and they should not be viewed in isolation.
The requirement in the Act for new Councils to have a delivery program will be fulfilled by the delivery programs of the former councils, until a new delivery program is prepared by the new council following the elections in September 2017. New Councils will be required to prepare a new delivery program by 30 June 2018. This new delivery program will cover the period from 1 July 2018 – 30 June 2021.

Resourcing Strategies