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Former Oatley Bowling Club Site at River Road, Oatley

Latest Update: 8 November 2016

At a Council Meeting on 7 November 2016, it was resolved that Georges River Council will not proceed with the 2014 resolution of the former Hurstville City Council to rezone the site to residential to facilitate a 7-9 storey, mixed use residential and seniors housing development.

  1. That Council not proceed with the 2014 resolution of the former Hurstville City Council to rezone the site to residential to facilitate a 7-9 storey, mixed use residential and seniors housing development.
  2. That it be noted that if the Planning Proposal proceeds to Gateway determination, any plan making (re-zoning and reclassification) is unlikely to occur before December 2017, and would require the prior approval of the Council elected in September 2017.
  3. That the Planning Proposal to reclassify the site from ‘community’ land to ‘operational’ and to rezone the site to SP2 Infrastructure with the designated land use of seniors housing (nursing home) and community facilities be amended to apply only to that part of the site which would accommodate the seniors housing (aged care component) and ancillary support requirements, i.e. approximately 50% of the site. 
  4. That extensive public consultation commence immediately and a report be submitted to Council in March 2017 detailing the outcomes of the public consultation (including any proposed amendments to the Planning Proposal arising from such consultation) prior to any Gateway submission to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment.
  5. That an independent peer review of the community consultation results ((d) above) be undertaken.
  6. That the Planning Proposal be assessed by an independent expert who will make recommendations to the Independent Hearing and Assessment Panel for endorsement or otherwise prior to any Gateway determination.
  7. That if the Planning Proposal proceeds, i.e. after independent assessment, approval by IHAP and Department of Planning and Environment, the reclassification Public Hearing be undertaken by a former Judge of the NSW Land and Environment Court or a person with equivalent standing and experience, and that a post Gateway exhibition report be prepared by an independent consultant for consideration by the Independent Hearing and Assessment Panel and the newly elected Council panel prior to forwarding to the Department of Planning. 

Community Consultations: Former Oatley Bowling Club Information Sessions

Georges River Council has prepared a Planning Proposal to facilitate the building of a new aged care facility and enhanced Public recreation uses including Public car parking on the former Oatley Bowling Club Site situated on River Road, Oatley.

Community Information Sessions have now concluded. Submissions were closed 11.45pm Sunday, 5 February 2017.

More Information

This page has been prepared to address community concerns around the plans Council has for the site of the former Oatley Bowling Club, which is adjacent to the Myles Dunphy Reserve.

It is designed to give community members all the information they might need with regard to the proposed development of the former Oatley Bowling Club site.

For further information about the site, its history, Council's plans, and the process which will be undertaken, click here.

For the project timeline, click here.

Details of the planning proposal to rezone and reclassify the site to enable future development of seniors housing and public recreations park can be found below:
Opening Letter
Planning Proposal

Schedule-1_22-01-14 (2913.29kb)


Key Facts

  1. The Myles Dunphy Reserve and Wetland is not part of the former Oatley Bowling Club site, and reserve land will not be developed or sold off.

  2. The former Bowling Club site’s proposed consolidation and development into seniors housing facilities meets a strategic and demographic need in the area which is only increasing. This need was identified in the former Hurstville City Council’s Strategic Community Plan 2021.

  3. Opportunities for community members and residents to have their say will occur at each stage of the process, from the current development application (DA) which proposes the lot consolidation of the former Bowling Club site, through to the planning proposal for the development of the site. Information on each of these stages will be advertised and community input is encouraged.

  4. Any development will seek to ensure that visual impact and scale is in keeping with the existing character of the area. Council is keen to ensure that any redevelopment of the site includes improved access to Myles Dunphy Reserve and Wetland, as well as public car parking.

  5. The planning proposal does not include the previous Council’s proposed 7-9 storey development. Following extensive planning and feasibility analysis, Council has reduced the height for residential aged care accommodation located in the north west corner of the former Oatley Bowling Club site.

  6. A significant area of the former Bowling Club site will be public recreation space, landscaped in keeping with adjacent bushland.

Georges River Council’s priorities regarding this site are to:

  • Consult with the community and incorporate feedback and concerns into the plans for the site

  • Communicate transparently with the community as to decision making regarding the site

  • Preserve the Myles Dunphy Reserve and Wetland

  • Provide much-needed seniors living facilities to our older community members.