Council strives to deliver the best value for money on all purchases. We also ensure that transparency and ethical behaviour is demonstrated by Council when making these purchases.

Critical Factors

There are certain requirements that a supplier must meet before they are able to undertake any work for Council. These may include:

  • Insurance cover

  • Financial stability

  • Positive environmental outcomes

  • Relevant accreditation and licences

  • Training

  • Work, health and safety.

Tenders and Opportunities

We are always looking for new and innovative suppliers who can meet community needs in an efficient and cost effective manner. For more information, please contact us.
Closed Tenders for Georges River Council with Submission Listings
T17/051 Human Resources Information System
T18/049 Request to Expressions of Interest for Leasing Proposal to Runa Facility to Support Women and Children Affected by Domestic and Family Violence
T18/050 Design and Construction of Adventure Playground and Bike Training Circuit at Kempt Field
T18/055 Construction of the Charles Pirie Reserve Inclusive Sports Amenities Building
T18/053 Construction of Harold Fraser Oval Community Pavillion
T18/061 Advertising Signs
T18/060 Construction of Childcare Centre, Mulga Road, Oatley
T18/044 Security Services
T18/046 Streetscaping works at Montgomery Street, Kogarah
T18/062 Construction of Amenities Block at Poulton Park
T18/059 Management Agreement for Penshurst Park Cricket Training Facility
T19/007 Tree Removal, Pruning and Stump Grinding Services
T19/002 Locksmith Maintenance Services
E19/001 Conduct Review

Open Tenders for Georges River Council
To download tender documents, please register at Council's website on Tenderlink.



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