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Accessing Government Information

How Can I Access Government Information?

There are four ways in which information can be made available:

Mandatory Release (Open Access)

This generally includes the information found on our website, and includes Council policy documents (Add link to this page), Council’s Information Guide, Council’s disclosure log of access applications and Register of Government Contracts (add link to this page).

Proactive Release

These are additional documents that are made available to the public on this website. For example, proactive release information can be found under the following sections of our website:

Informal Release 

This is a request for specific information. Some information is not appropriate to show on Council’s website but can be accessed by the community without a formal access application. This process of information retrieval is known as ‘informal access’.

Request for the following information can generally be released by informal access: 

  • Updates on requests you have sent to Council

  • Copies of previous correspondence you have sent to Council

  • Copies of correspondence previously sent to you by Council

  • Contact details for your neighbours (in limited circumstances) 

To access these types of information, you will need to complete and submit either:

In order to protect personal information of the public, you may need to provide proof of identification before Council will provide access to certain information.

Formal Release

An initial application fee of $30.00 applies.These requests may include information involving the business or personal information relating to a third party who must be consulted before the information can be released, information which is of a confidential nature or information which may involve extensive research. Such requests may also be subject to further processing charges of $30.00 per hour or reasonable photocopying charges where hard copies are requested.