Sans Souci Bathers Pavilion
Following investigations which have found the Sans Souci Bathers Pavilion to be structurally unsound, Georges River Council has temporarily closed the area off around the building to members of the public.

Engineering firm Cardno assessed the structure of the old building and its foundations in 2018.

The assessment uncovered that the building is not stable and is not suitable for people, especially larger groups, to congregate around.

In the interests of public safety and the safety of local residents, Georges River Council has fenced-off the area around the Sans Souci Bathers Pavilion.

The fencing is to ensure members of the public remain safe until such a time as when further assessments can be made and the structural integrity of the building can be improved.

The findings and recommendations are contained in the Structural Condition Assessment of the Sans Souci Bathers Pavilion Report along with 3D imaging which captures the condition of the existing building.

For further information about the Sans Souci Bathers Pavilion, please contact Council.


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