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Economic and Social Recovery Plan

The Georges River community, along with the rest of Australia, is facing extraordinary challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Georges River Council must respond to these challenges posed to our community in a positive way, allowing Georges River to recover and then prosper.

The Economic and Social Recovery Plan (ESRP) is Council’s response to the impact of COVID-19. The Plan allows the organisation to act swiftly and strategically to manage and make changes to operations in order to assist the community and deliver ongoing services.

The ESRP has three key phases:

  1. Immediate Support – programs and projects provide immediate support to the Georges River Community
  2. Revival - initiatives that aim to revitalise Georges River and support a relaxing of restrictions and prepare for a post COVID-19 environment
  3. Discover Georges River – A focus on celebrating the re-opening of Georges River and relaunching our city to our community and visitors

The estimated total value of the ESRP is $47 million. More information is available in the Council Report

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