Audit, Risk and Improvement Committee

In July 2016, Council resolved to create an internal audit function and establish the Audit and Risk Management Committee (ARMC), in accordance with original Ministerial Guidelines under S23A of the Local Government Act.

The ARMC was established with three external, independent members, one of whom is the Committee Chair, plus two Councillors, forming a total membership of five .

Following introduction of the Local Government Amendment (Governance and Planning) Act No 38 (The Act) in November 2016, oversight of Council’s Audit function was assumed by the Audit Office of NSW.

Council’s ARMC was renamed in accordance with S448(A) of the Act, to the Audit, Risk and Improvement Committee  (ARIC).  The ARIC is currently an advisory Committee and will become a Statutory Committee of the Council, following proclamation of S448(A) of the Act.

The independent members and Chair of the Committee were appointed by Council following public advertisement and a process of Expressions of Interest.


The external, independent members are: 

  • Mr John Gordon (Chair for 3 years),
  • Ms Elizabeth Gavey (3 years), and
  • Mr Stephen Horne (2 years).
The Councillor members are:
  • Councillor Warren Tegg and
  • Councillor Christina Wu.

Meeting Cycle

The ARIC has scheduled four ordinary meetings over 2017/18, including one meeting to consider Council’s annual Financial and External Audit reports. Additional meetings can be scheduled if deemed necessary by the General Manager or Chairperson. 

ARIC meetings are held in confidence in the Georges River Civic Centre and ordinary minutes of meetings are reported to the Council after pause of up to six months to facilitate the effectiveness of any confidential investigations or report recommendations being considered by the Committee. Further the ARIC charter was updated by the new Council on 27 November 2017.

Enquiries about the operations of the Audit, Risk and Improvement Committee may be directed to the General Manager, or Internal Auditor.

Terms of Reference

The ARIC operates under a Council adopted Audit, Risk and Improvement Committee Charter.

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