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Alcohol Prohibited Areas

Under the provisions of Section 632A of the Local Government Act 1993, Council has the authority to prohibit the possession and consumption of alcohol in parks and reserves by proclaiming them as Alcohol Prohibited Areas. Council has exercised this authority in relation to several parks/reserves where it has been satisfied that alcohol has been a contributing factor in incidents of anti-social behaviour in those areas. In all of these incidences, the anti-social behaviour has occurred during the evening hours and Council has therefore imposed the prohibition between the hours of sunset and sunrise. Failure to comply with the prohibition could result in the alcohol being confiscated and disposed of by NSW police and possibly other action taken.

The following reserves/parks are Alcohol Prohibited Areas:

  • Edgbaston Rd Reserve – Beverly Hills
  • Evatt Park – Lugarno
  • Keppel Av Reserve – Webb St Riverwood
  • McGowan Reserve – Renway Av Lugarno
  • Oatley Park - Oatley
  • Ruby Wing Reserve – Universal St Mortdale
  • Stevens Reserve – Gungah Bay Rd Oatley
  • Woodville Park – Hudson St Hurstville

Alcohol Free Zones

Under the provisions of Section 644 of the Local Government Act 1993 Council has the power to create Alcohol Free Zones along public roads and in public car parks.

There are currently Alcohol Free Zones located in the:

The Alcohol Free Zones are in operation 24 hours a day and prohibits the consumption of alcohol at any time within the Zone. Failure to comply with this prohibition could result in the confiscation and disposal of the alcohol by the police.